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As this was my first Reiki experience I didn't know what to expect Teresa guided me through the experience and made me feel relaxed and comfortable every step of the way.  She has a great space that is calm peaceful and tranquil.  I left feeling grounded and energized. 

Teresa was amazing at my session.  I am super excited to come back to her.  She is very easy to talk to and trustworthy.

I very much enjoyed having the crystals on my body in my treatment.  They were very powerful and  really added to the healing.

Teresa is wonderful and explained every step of the way.  After only three session i experienced a drastic reduction in my daily anxiety. 

I have to say that I am officially IN LOVE with Teresa Collins, Elements Body Essentials products! from her natural hand made soaps, her natural hand made shampoos, all of her natural hand made skin care products! you name it! she makes it! "thank you" for helping me and hundreds of others on our quest for a better, much healthier life style Teresa:) YOU ROCK:)a

Summer Spray Bug Off

Bug off A's the test- So we joined our friends camping at Rawly Lake, they were using off before I got there and said they were being "eatin alive." So I sprayed nine people with my natural Bug Off and NOT ONE PERSON WAS BITTEN AFTER THAT. Must reapply every 2-3 hours. I would totally suggest this before you go camping or just hanging around the house.

***I wanted to share. My hubby and three friends went to Thailand, where there is lots of mosquitos. When he came back I asked him if he had been bit lots. He said no, they didn`t bother them at all. He said he packed with him the natural bug spray, I had bought months prior. I had no idea he even brought it to Thailand. Three of the boys stayed up all night using the natural bug spray, and never were bit. While one of the guys was using regular chemical store bought one, was bit all over. Your products at Elements body Essential are amazing and better yet no yucky chemical. Love Love Love to you!

Soaps & Lotions & more
***I love these products and was a former bath and body works and Lush junkie.... You won't find a lotion or body scrub comparable :)
***Love the smell of the White Tea and Ginger Lotion and soap plus the mojito soap! I really like the natural mosquito repellent too. Glad we ran into your booth!
***The mojito is amazing.
***love the tropical vanilla soap and lotion!!!!
***I love these products! Beautiful soaps and lotions. Bought ear cleaner for my Golden Retriever , who has ear issues, today. Excited to see the results! Thank you Ladies!

***After using the Vanilla soap and lotion, I don't think I'll be using anything other than your soap. It is fantastic, makes my whole house smell like Vanilla Cupcakes and the molds used to make them are awfully pretty. I can't wait to try more from you! I'm glad you guys are at the Flea Market, so close to home! Thanks for the wonderful products!t

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Gift Packs & Special Occasions
***Elements put party bags together for me for my BFF's bridal shower they were a big hit with all the guests the gift bags were so beautifully put together and the fragrance from each bag was incredible. Thanks again Elements for making the Bridal Shower more special.
***I just love, love the honeymoon kit you put together! Your scents are amazing and your lotions make our skin feel so soft. Wade and I love them. We just want to say thank you!
***OMG I loved my Valentines Day Gift basket. I am so sorry I did not write to you sooner to say thank you for making my VDay a great one. I am truly loving all your products just making sure Ava does not break into my box of goodies



***So I came home from work and my daughter was awake, so we had a spa night and tried both masks for 10 minutes. The kids mask was perfect. It made her skin very soft and was gentle for her skin.I tried the detoxifying mud mask and it cleaned out all my pores and made my skin so soft. My skin has not felt this good since I was a teenager.I am so HOOKED!! I can't wait to try all your other poducts.Ohh and I love the Budha soap, it smells so good. It is going to be hard for me to try the soap because it just looks so amazing!!

***Hello ladies,

I met you at a home party a couple of weeks ago and was kindlygiven the 3-part system for a generously low deal.  I wanted to give yousome feedback after trying out your products for a few weeks.  I am sothankful that I came because all the small things that I was unhappy about myskin have slowly begun to disappear!  My hormonal breakouts (even though Ithought nothing could be done when it is cycle-related acne) have not returnedthis month.  My fluctuating "too dry" to "too oily"skin type (especially noticeable in Edmonton) has balanced out to a constantmoisturized look and feel (no tightness, or excess oil).  I was concernedabout the lotion at first because it felt heavier than lotion I've used in thelast year or so, however with just a pea sized amount my whole face getscovered and it sinks into my skin within moments.  Likely because lotionsI've used in the past have been quite damaging and my skin isn't able tobreathe when I coat my face in it.  I'm impressed at how short of a timeit has taken to see such positive results!  The aroma of each part of thesystem is a nice touch as well

Thank-you for the work you put into this product, I will certainly bepurchasing more when I begin to run low.  

Thanks again,

***Thank-you , for the Revitalizing Cleanser .So mild and gentle yet truly effective . My skin is clearer firmer and glowing ! Thank -you


Defiance Eye Serum  (antiaging system)

*** This is the most amazing eye serum I have tried.  Can't believe what amazing products you girls make.  I have the whole anti-aging facial system and I am just IN LOVE.  Keep up the amazing work. 

 Natural Make up Remover

Good Morning Elements Girls


I am so happy about my new natural makeup remover I just had to share.  Last night after our Halloween Party my husband and I came home and I was not looking forward to peeling off the layers of makeup.  Then I remembered your remover I just bought and everything came off like NOTHING.   Not to mention my skin felt incredible.  This is definitely the best remover I have ever used.  I just LOVE all of your products I have tried.  Thank you so much for all you girls do.

Love Laura

Vitamax level 4 (Stretchmarks & Exzema & Psorisis)

***I recently received a call from a girl in Abbotsford.  She suffered greatly with stretchmarks from loosing weight.  Her mom had bought our cream for her in November.  She had to call just let us know not only were her stretchmarks almost gone, but unbeleivably she still had over have of the bottle left.   We love to here these calls.

Changing lives.

***Your Vitamax Level 4 hand cream is amazing! For the first time in years my eczema is under control.

***I found a cream for my psoriasis that I absolutely LOVE and it works amazing ! Thank you ! 

***Firming Lotions

Just purchased my firming lotion last week, and I had to tell you guys, in just 4 uses I already noticed a difference in my chest area.  Wow what an amazing product!!

Grandma's Remedy -headache, head cold & allergy relief

***your products are truly amazing! i loveeee grandma's remedy, it works sooo well! i was sooo stuffed up one day with a really bad head cold and i put some of this product near my nose and i was instantly unplugged i totally reccomend this product!

Lemon Cuticle Cream
***Purchased the Lemon Cuticle Cream which smells amazing. I love the smell of lemon and mint.You can't tell but I already dug in on my way from shopping. Its about 40 ml to 50 ml jar. I used it once so far and I can already tell my skin is softer.

Shampoo & Conditioner

***After bleaching my hair from black to platinum it was totally fried! I used that eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner you gave me for  dry scalp and my hair feels amazing again!!! Yay!!

***Hi, I washed my hair today and used the deep conditioner and I have to say that I love your shampoo as does my daughter.  The deep conditioner has done wonders for my hair.  I have tried everything in the last 3-4 months.  I have 4 different kinds of shampoos in the bathroom and I was at my wits end.  I had felt like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz with straw hair.  I can't say enough about it.  My hair is soft, silky and there is not one hint of dryness.  I am now your customer and I do not want to purchase elsewhere.  Thank-you.  It's been a long time coming. 

***I am so glad I found you.  I LOVE your products and so do my kids. Thank you for creating them.

***I LOVE your silky smooth shampoo and conditioner and would like to buy a bunch.

Bath & Muscle & joint therapy
***Well, what an absolute pleasure meeting you both!  I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting on so many levels.  Thank you very much for all of the amazing products to sample andI'm very happy to say that I've completed my homework assignment!  : )  My bath was magnificent!


I used the"Balance" bath crystals and loved this aroma in my bath so much. The body cream was absolutely beautiful and made me feel extra ordinary! I'm very very happy to also report that the pain relief creme helped withmy Mum's sore back and took away some painful arthritic points on her hands. She was amazed!!  : )

Glittter Bath Crystals

***Hi Teresa; I had a bath with the salt crystals . I feel like a new woman ready for my close up!! P.S. I love all your sparkle products Love Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makeup Remover

***I've been using Elements Body Essentials make up remover for about 2 weeks now. It's an excellent product! I wear a lot of cover up myself and this product removes it all no problem. It's a gentle, non smelling, quick and easy makeup remover! I love it! My skin has never looked better! :)


Day Cream

 ***THANK YOU so much for the very GENEROUS samples of your AMAZING products!! So sweet of you.

 I have just tried the day cream and so far it feels pretty darn good! I have such dry skin, I sometimes like to pile the cream on a bit thicker but so far this feels pretty good. I often will use a night cream as a day cream but perhaps that is just because I couldn't find a good day cream. Anyway, will try it in the morning with a fresh cleanse.  Can't wait to try it all! I will do my best to tell folks about www.elementsbodyessentials.com  I  will tell the world about your shampoo and condition for sure

 Cheers and THANKS AGAIN!!

Elements-YOU mean the world to all whom have been privileged enough to have access to YOU and your AMAZING products. I have used a lot of "stuff" on my face, hair, and body! but NEVER anything as AMAZING, invigorating, energizing, refreshing and OH MY GOD!!!! the scents! my bedroom and bathroom smell like a spa every time I walk in! and I LOVE IT:) "THANK YOU" xoxoxoxo